Friday, September 16, 2011

Mini catch-up

Oh MY. Has it really been so long since I've written an entry? SO very sorry. I guess I just got busy with juggling the kids' schedules. Let's update, shall we? My biggest fear going into the fall was the communication component between parents and teachers, especially regarding the extended day program. I can't say the beginning wasn't rough regarding communication. There wasn't an immediate, formal introduction of the special ed teacher to the parents. Instead, he took some time to acclimate and then put out a letter at the end of the first week of school. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to communicate via email with the teacher and ask questions that I needed answered. My latest question was about the November parent-teacher conferences of which I am not formally scheduled to meet with the sped teacher. He said he'll get back to me with more direction on that. Nikko's schedule is as follows: 8:55a Wait for bus pick-up 9:20a School begins 4:15p Nikko's bus drops him off across the street from the house. Simple, right? He's gone all day. He has the extended support program from 9:20 - 11:50, has lunch and recess, and then continues with the regular Kindergarten class from 1:20-3:50. The best part is that Nikko has an aide. She is shared in the morning with the ESP group, but in the afternoon Nikko has a 1:1. Her name is Mandy but we call her Mrs. S. I find that communicating through her is key to staying on top of Nikko's progress. She has been really detailed about Nikko's day, especially his eating habits, and I am eternally grateful. Nikko seems to be doing ok overall, but his attention span and focus are challenged in the afternoon. I figured this might happen. It's only been a few weeks so I want to be more supported in any observations. I make Nikko do "homework" right after he finishes his snack when he comes home in the afternoon. For some reason I really just want to get it out of the way. And feeding the boy at lunchtime is challenging in of itself. I pack him a lunch Monday through Thursday, and have to include two fruits or veggies for his morning and afternoon snack. Coming from a boy who'd rather inhale Pirate Booty or is happy with his goldfish crackers, it's really HARD to get him to eat stuff. I also really, really hope that the school is working on his IEP goals. I just got a notice today that the OT is switching for his class, that he'll work with Mrs. I. Again. YEA!!