Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Music to soothe

Nikko's speech therapist had used a listening program with Nikko in the past where we'd have him listen (with headphones) to a CD that had various kinds of music that sounded like it "fizzed" in certain points. The sounds vibrated a little, and each CD was geared differently. I went along with the program because honestly, when you're trying out different therapies for your kid, anything's worth a shot. I thought Nikko was pretty indifferent to the music therapy. It neither harmed nor hurt him, nor did I see him get agitated from it. I also didn't see any gains that I could attribute straight toward music therapy. We took a break from the program after maybe two years.

We have switched occupational therapists over the years, and the latest one we are seeing right now suggested an app that was geared toward music therapy again. This time, you can play it from your phone without headphones. I sat on the idea for two weeks, but tonight I decided to cough up the $16.99 and check out the recommended song on this app called Vital Sounds (Quickshift). The second I started playing the song, Nikko hovered over my phone, listening. To me, it sounds like plain, adult contemporary music-- smooth jazz, even. It reminds me of elevator/waiting room music. And yet... maybe it reminds him of the music that he's listening during OT, but he is literally sitting by my phone, just listening. I am watching him watch the phone. He is captivated. 

I forget that I should be addressing all sensory avenues with Nikko. He's totally visual, but his auditory processing is probably very stimulated by these music therapy-associated songs. I shouldn't discount them.