Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to OT

After a year without OT (Occupational Therapy) thanks to an unfortunate insurance switch, we got approved to get an OT eval for services again. Nikko's previous OT didn't seem to be a good fit (imo) and I'm so happy that this new OT has more of a background in autism and ABA. I just got the initial OT eval back and one section, the results/implications section, summarized everything:

"[Nikko] is a sweet 7 year old boy who demonstrates deficits in proximal control and stability, core strength, sensory processing, social interaction and engagement, body awareness, motor planning, fine motor skills and visual motor skills. These deficits are impacting his ability to function at an age appropriate level across environments."

That preeeeeetty much sounds like he's a mess! But in all honesty, it's very true. These reports are hard to digest initially, especially when they are littered with negatives e.g. "scored very low", "significant difficulty following auditory directives", "definite difference range", and I play the What If game for a little while, but then I kick myself in the pants and keep looking forward. He has a lot of things in which he must learn to cope and to overcome. He probably has more sensory needs than ever before. To his credit, Nikko has improved quite a bit over the past year, and his support team has improved as well. I think we're in much better shape than before, to handle all the hurdles that are looming on the horizon.