Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sans ABA / The Dental Visit

We finished with private ABA last Tuesday. After another session where he wasn't focused and seemed to be consciously deciding NOT to do what Rebecca was asking of him, I told her that we were going to take a break from ABA due to the school year starting up again. With Nikko going full days, plus a double dose of OT and ST on Friday mornings, we need to see how he will be able to handle the added hours. The school should be providing discrete trials in some form as well, thus reducing ABA hours. We'll see how it goes, and then revisit the idea of ABA in the winter.

On Thursday I took the brood to see the Dentist for the first time. We found this pediatric dentistry practice through Jenna, whose mom is a receptionist there. Kids Plus Pediatric Dentistry is the place and it's really kid-friendly. The staff was excellent and familiar with special needs kiddos. I had to have Nikko in my lap facing me, then we bent him back so his head was resting in the lap of the hygienist/dentist. Jenna's mom was so terrific that she put on the movie UP, which played on all the TVs in the place. That movie helped calm Nikko a little bit, who was thrashing and crying and wailing all in his efforts to get away from me. Thank goodness I have a little more strength to restrain him! The dentist didn't come across any cavities, but she also gave us a disposable flosser so that I might try to floss Nikko's teeth and put some spacing between them. Many stickers later, all my kids came out as happy campers even though the trip was only for Nikko.

Nikko starts school officially on Thursday. On Wednesday is the Garden Walk "Open House" where I have a list of questions growing for the regular K teacher along with the SN teacher, whoever that may be. I am in denial, still!


  1. just to let you know iv been following your blog! im hoping to get more followers for my blog as i just started it today. i have autism symptoms but hasnt been diagnosed yet..i go to school with autistic pepole..your boy is adorable.

  2. Thanks so much for reading! I'll have to find your blog. I hope you continue to write about how things are going for you.