Thursday, May 3, 2012

Successful visits & spaghetti

Yesterday, I heard the toilet seat go "clink" and immediately knew that Nikko was there. He was poised and ready to sit on the toilet. I praised him for coming on his own, helped him sit down and then he proceeded to take a dump. Then he looked up and said, "All finished." It was the most normal poo-poo potty visit he's ever had, except that he didn't verbalize anything prior to his visit. I watch Nikko constantly between potty visits to see if he is straining, and I saw him hunched over with legs crossed about two hours prior to the potty visit. I kept asking if he wanted to go poo-poo potty and he kept saying no. I even put him on the toilet for 10 minutes after homework, adhering to our routine, but he still didn't go. I guess he actually went when he felt ready to go, which is ideal, but we need to work on him telling us that he needs to go to the bathroom.

One other recent development is his appreciation for spaghetti. Probably over a year ago, Nikko enjoyed some spaghetti at a relative's house and I hadn't been able to replicate it. It was simple noodles with red sauce and hot dogs. When I tried to make my own spaghetti, rich with chunky tomatoes, garlic and onions, he wouldn't eat it. So I believe it was back in December while at a church reception he divulged in a plate of spaghetti and tomato (red) sauce and loved it. It happened again at a playdate at his cousin's house. And so a few days ago I attempted spaghetti with him again, using a jar of 365 Organic Pasta Sauce from Whole Foods. Well color me purple, but Nikko loves it and has requested it for every meal for two days (except breakfast). The problem? I just ran out of sauce! I have to make a trip to Whole Foods tomorrow, OR get another brand, but I don't want to jinx our good luck, know what I mean? One more nice thing is that Nikko also does the sign for spaghetti just like he learned it watching Signing Time. It's like taking your pinky fingers and twirling long noodles of spaghetti. Very cute to watch. :)

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