Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spontaneous speech moments

Today was an interesting day of speech for Nikko. He had a few bouts of spontaneous speech and appropriate phrasing while interacting with someone. This morning, Denis was saying good morning to Nikko and was putting his face directly in front of Nikko's. I could see that Nikko was feeling crowded by Denis' face and I heard Nikko say, "Help."

Later in the morning, Ronin was watching Super Mario clips on Youtube when Nikko came over and was pulling at the recharging cord. Ronin got frustrated and started whining that Nikko was trying to steal the iPod from him. Nikko looked at me and said, "Give it to me." [I had to tell Ronin to give up the iPod and negotiated computer time instead.]

Some time in the afternoon I was asking Nikko what he wanted to eat for snack. He hemmed and hawed, and then he whispered while tapping his fist on the chair three times: "I want Lucky Charms." [The fist-tapping is to emphasize each word in a sentence. He can handle three-word sentences right now, so we tap a surface three times to ask for things.]

Finally, I told Nikko that we were going to play outside. He then asked, "Play in sand?" I told him we would definitely be playing in the sand. He was satisfied and eager to get out of the house.

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