Monday, May 9, 2011

Turning tide

5/6/11 School Report - Speech: Worked on greetings, requesting, associations and books.

On Friday before speech, I had a nice conversation with Karen. I wanted to warn her that Nikko was coming off of two days of being a zombie. While we spoke, he was covering his ears and hunkered over a chair. But he ended up having a good speech day. Karen was very open to listening me ask questions regarding diet infractions. She has a client whose child is heavily on supplements, so I jumped to ask if Karen might know a local DAN doctor. I'm really at the ground floor of the biomed game and have tons of research to do, but I am open to finding someone local if we can swing it. Nikko's reactions last week and the week prior are the writing on the wall for me to investigate biomed for him.

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