Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Catch-up part deux

Our laptop hard drive crashed last week so I've definitely got a backlog of entries now.

5/18/11 - School Report - Nikko liked playing in the beach area with the ice cream and wearing the flippers! Speech: we worked on household vocabulary. Great job naming and saying "I don't know." Blowed bubbles and played cars.

5/20/11 - School Report - Speech: I think we tell Nikko Yay! too often. When naming pictures he says, "Banana YAY! Apple Yay!" Too funny! :) We worked in greetings, requesting, association pictures.

5/24/11 - School Report - OT: Good session. Heavy work warm-up activities. Then at table worked on flower project, cutting, name printing, and face drawing.

I went to Las Vegas on Thursday evening, came back on Sunday afternoon. I called every day to talk to the kiddos and Denis told me that on Friday Nikko was very sad. He sat on the kitchen floor and wailed, "I'm so sad! I'm so sad!" and he also said, "Mommy go home!" That made me feel both bad and good at the same time. The kids were glad when I came back, and even happier when I showed them their souvenir: Angry Birds t-shirts! Nikko got the black bomb bird and I gave Ronin and Audrey a red bird shirt each.

Nikko is in good moods as of late, but he's not having regular bowel movements yet. He was on 2 tsp magnesium citrate. On Sunday evening, the night I got back, he had one big bowel movement in the early evening, which could have been a culmination of the past two days I was away. That's good news, but yesterday and today he didn't have any poopy diapers, only pee. He needs to have a bm tomorrow! I upped his dosage to 2.5 tsp today and hope there are some results tomorrow. He's not in any visible pain, nor is he straining more than usual. Still, he needs to poop.

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