Monday, March 12, 2012

Feedback from Karin

Whenever I talk to Karin the Speech Therapist, I have more hope for Nikko's progress. On Friday he had come out of a very nice OT session with Karen the OT. She said that he was very willingly doing the writing exercises she put in front of him. He was also protesting appropriately. When it was time for them to leave the gym/play area, he stated, "No!" and then sighed and said, "Shoes," in a huff.

After his speech session, Karin told me that while he waited at the door for her to finish writing her notes so he could leave, he came over to her, leaned into her face and said, "I go see Mommy." Then he went back to the door and waited. So stinkin' cute! I swear, the things he says to Karin just blow my mind away. I get a few nuggets here and there, or the ones that are from YouTube clips, but the gems she shares with me are priceless. I also love that she gets working with Nikko, that he respects her, and that she doesn't back down.

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