Sunday, April 1, 2012

Independent potty visit!


But wanted to just throw this in really quickly.... Nikko's been wearing underwear during the day, pull-ups at night, and has had maybe two total pee accidents to date. He did have one poop accident that I didn't see coming because he just had a big poop the day prior and that usually clears the pipes for two days. Every hour or whenever I gauge that Nikko's ready for a potty visit, I go and tell him that it's time to go potty. He always says no, until I repeat it often enough that he decides that "YES, pee pee potty!" is what he declares.

Today, however, I was in the living room watching TV and then I heard the toilet seat clink up... and then I heard Nikko pee in the toilet. I ran over there to help assist with the end, wipe him up, and then he put down the toilet seat, flushed the toilet, and marched to the sink to wash his hands. I was ecstatic! The amazing thing is that he did this today a total of FIVE TIMES. Each time he went to the bathroom on his own. I didn't initiate anything, but I went in to follow up. I couldn't believe it. I wonder if he just decided that he didn't want to pee in his underwear anymore. That's the hope!

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