Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I need help"

6/11/11 - Today, Nikko put on his socks for the first time. I wonder if he was tired of waiting for his turn, since Ronin steps ahead of him practically every time. I was very impressed with Nikko's efforts. And I told Karen this morning that two phrases from Nikko as of late are:

"I need help"-- he says it in a monotone and includes the sign for it. The intention is also very apparent.
"Change my diaper."-- he said this to me, using the sign as well, right before we started playing with Rhonda's kids who came over got a playdate two days ago.

Karen reminded me gently that while the expressive component may still be having trouble, the cognitive is totally there and she sees no problem in Nikko's future for him to work at grade level, with supports to keep him on task. She referred to his efforts today at speech, where he was able to identify things from a field of TWENTY. He'd put the object in a hat when completed. Then she made him take the object OUT of the hat and name it. He did very well!

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