Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Increased speech and comprehension

Over the past few weeks that I've been laptop-less, Nikko has been steadily progressing verbally. He's been rewatching the Signing Time DVD series, largely because I have two hardcover books from two Signing Time DVDs: My First Signs and the other is Everyday Signs. The books reinforce what he watches on TV, and he is often mimicking the sign along with the word. Nikko is making some wonderful gains:

He can put his socks on, when told that it's time to put on our socks and shoes.

He can request a different DVD by saying, "Watch TV, watch Playtime Signs." He garbles up Mighty Machines but I've figured out when he says it.

He clearly says, "I need help" accompanied by the sign, when he needs obvious help putting a train together.

At snack time today with Rebecca, instead of picking up the ice cream PEC picture, I heard him say, "Give me ice cream!" We looked at each other, surprised.

He is picking up on phrases in his immediate environment.

--But there are drawbacks right now as well. His poop is the same, not healng, but I'm tweaking the dosages so that he will have to expel more of something.

He gets upset more easily than before, be it because of dropped french fries or that his tv program was changed. Somewhat hard to calm him down.

And the sleep issues. Oy! He won't fall alseep on his own at bedtime. He can defeat the child-proof knob cover. He used to get up at 5:30am and get into our bed. Nowadays he's getting up by 4:00am. By then I'm already his best friend and sleeping in the room. There are some 2am wakings as well, but I'll know for sure later on.

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