Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daily progress

Last Friday we had an IEP meeting to go over Nikko's progress thus far. It wasn't meant to rewrite any goals. I got a lot of positive feedback regarding Nikko and school, as well as positive feedback about his detail-oriented aide. There were several teachers and individuals present, including the school psychologist and OT. They informed me that with Nikko's 3-year evaluation coming up, they wanted to conduct some tests to get a baseline of his knowledge and skills. They also warned me that he may not test well since he has big problems with distractability, but they assured me that they would find tests appropriate to his capabilities. I'll have to remind myself to get an update on these test results.

As for today, Nikko had a really good one.
OT - Nice working today. Participated fully in warm-up routine. Worked on 1st and last name, and letter game. Did iPad at end as a reward. 
From his daily notes via Mrs. S - Re: Stations (Reading) - Resistant to doing letter sounds with Mr. Stoll. Called me "Bad Mrs. S" because I was keeping him from leaving table.  (I LOVE THAT!)
In the afternoon session - Snack time - Sat with a friend who said Nikko was "The best friend I've ever had!"  (<3 <3 <3)
 Notes - Nikko keeps singing "Summertime, summertime." Is this a song he learned? - I had to ask Ronin about this, and Nikko is indeed singing a song he learned from a cartoon called Little Bill, which is about a young Bill Cosby as a boy. Also in his papers today was a picture about Meanies. He drew a picture of meanies, and it does look like a figure with eyes and a nose. The word WOW! was written at the top of the picture.
Discrete Trial Report - (With Mrs. M, the psychologist. Apparently, Mrs. S does Nikko's trials daily, except for Wednesday when he does it with Mrs. M. They do this so that he can learn to generalize with other people, meaning that he will be able to count with people other than Mrs. S.) Sight Words - mastered first 10 words; ID Body Parts - mastered first set of body parts; Cut with Scissors - mastered cutting. In the afternoon trials, he continued to do well with writing his name, counting objects, ID'ing letters with sound, and writing upper case. However, the notes say he started giggling in the middle of trials. Oh well.

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