Friday, February 3, 2012

First Potty, then Swim Class

I wrote a note to Mrs. S this morning, warning her that Nikko did not have a successful bowel movement yesterday, and I hoped it didn't affect his day today. I really hate being on poop watch. His morning wasn't as eventful as his afternoon according to his daily report:
(afternoon) Opening - Days of school - Nikko counted by 10's out loud.

Centers- Art- worked independently for the most part.
DT- Started new set of sight words today.
Hearing test - world respond to tone, but would not wear headphones for official test.

Special Activity - Gym - Scarecrow tag - Was engaged.
Paddles - tried hitting ball over net
Danced - did move along to music

When he got home and finished his snack, I had to hurry and get him ready for his swim class. When I took him to the bathroom to change into his swim diaper, I noticed that he was really ready to have a bowel movement but needed some help (sorry for the TMI). I put him on the toilet and had to use a suppository, but then he was able to push out a long obstruction. Thank goodness, really. I didn't want him to be late for swim class, which he loves, so I am thankful that he was somewhat cooperative instead of resistant, like last night.

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