Monday, July 6, 2009

The bean/water table

We made it to play group this morning, but not on time. Ronin got dropped off at the daycare with resistance and I ran us back to Shirley's group. The bean table had been emptied of beans and turned into a *gasp* water table. Ooooooh greeeeeeeat. "You didn't know? Oh, you weren't here last week," I was told, "otherwise we would have told you to bring a change of clothes for Nikko." Luckily I usually have a spare change for him, which I needed to haul out after he was done drenching his tummy on the edge of the water table. I watched his feet carefully because sooner or later I'd probably see a gym shoe leave the floor and try to climb into the table. Yeah, that happened. Nikko was happy to splash and move some boats around. He started dipping his elbows in, and would have put his face in the water had we not restrained him. Andrew, the other autistic boy, already got the front of his hair wet so he got ushered away to the trampoline. I had to struggle holding Nikko in place during circle time, let him run away and wander back, but he managed to pick a red fire helmet to wear for a short period of time in front of the mirror. He didn't sit at all for the story book. Then it was back to the water table. I had to drag him away from it during craft time, which he also resisted, but during craft time I explained to him that snack time was next. I think he caught the words "snack time" because he then allowed me to clean his hands and he voluntarily climbed back into his seat waiting for Cheetos. I mentioned to Shirley that next week is his last session and did I need to bring anything? She suggested a camera. One other boy had brought some treats during snack time, so I wonder if I should do the same. On another note, I need to get a gift for Shelly and for Gloria, and later for Bo, for all their work with Nikko. I'm going to be venturing into that realm of Teacher Gift ideas. I'll ask Atz since she's had the most experience here. Lakeshore Learning gift cards?

We came home and it was speech time for Ronin, who did well using two-word combos (Hi car, hi train, up high, hi bike, hi ball, all done). After that, we had a nice visit from Regina and two of her four kids, Emma and Roman. Nikko didn't pay them too much attention and retreated to his spot at the picture window. Ronin was getting into Roman's way alot and messing up the play food for Emma. Naptime would soon follow for Ronin, then Audrey would follow. Nikko fell asleep in the afternoon as well, sitting up on the couch watching Hi-5. I couldn't catch a nap myself because each time a kid went down, another was up and demanding food or a diaper change or I was trying to clean up the kitchen. Denis called and proposed that we go to Lions Park to listen to a band play (classical music) and play on the playground. The Creens were going to be there, so I called up Pat and left a message about it. Eric and Leslie were in town as well and they were such dolls to meet us up there for a short time. I think the boys are more comfortable seeing their faces off and on in their lives because they didn't cry or freak out at them. Nikko even tolerated Eric picking him off the swings and bringing him back to the stroller. Forgot to mention that before we even left the house to go to the park, Ronin was acting so incredibly crabby and we didn't know what he wanted. He was kicking and screaming, and I stated, "But you're the one who even had a nap!!!" Nikko joined in and Audrey was fussy too. It was bloody hell getting out the door. Once we got to the park, however, the boys saw the jungle gym and they took off. I covered them in bug spray, too. There may have been a point where Nikko got tired of the jungle gym because as we all stood around chit chatting he started running up and down the sidewalk between us, running and stopping by my side, then taking off again. We tried not to get home too late, but Audrey's bedtime was still past 9:30 due to a late bath, and the boys were down after 10pm. I went to the grocery to get milk and came out with a whole lot of other stuff, of course.

One more thing before I forget... regarding Nikko's OC behavior, it's hard to predict but sometimes he sees something and returns to its rightful place. On more than one occasion while I've been doing dishes he'd run in, place a cup on the countertop (that erroneously made its way into the living room) and run away. He ran in, put a Cheerio on the table, and ran away. I saw this Cheerio on the living room rug earlier and was too lazy to pick it up and throw away. He could have eaten the Cheerio, or stomped on it, but it wasn't where it was supposed to be. Too bad he doesn't automatically clean up things in the living room, but there's hope, right?

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