Thursday, July 2, 2009


Cyndi came over yesterday and lent me another book that she says is easier to read than the last behavioral book she lent me. I haven't looked through it yet but I think it's based on ABA Therapy. I wonder if, for the heck of it, I should get Nikko tested for all those other things that the other moms with DAN! doctors are doing, like metals or yeast. Someone posted a few websites where you can get kits sent to your home and send out the urine samples. I'll look them up a bit later and see how much it costs per kit. When is a bit later? Just the other day I finally got around to looking at the website to see how to order groceries online. I don't have a problem with the concept, but it requires a minimum order of $50. Sometimes all I need is a gallon of milk. The wise thing to do is to plot out a weekly list, or compare the costs vs. Costco. I wish Costco had home delivery service.

Yesterday I got my Hi-5 Season Two DVD 3 disc set. Nikko is happy to watch these episodes because he hasn't seen them in a long time. Of course I'm glad for the distraction, but will continue to keep Signing Time around. Not much else happened on Wednesday. In fact, since we didn't have any therapies, yesterday and today are pretty much the same. Nikko and Ronin like the sunglasses that I got Nikko in Florida. They both fight over that single pair so I'll have to get Ronin his own pair. I'm thrilled to see Nikko approach me with the sunglasses to help put them on his face. Then he checks to make sure they are secure and he runs off with a big grin. I never thought Nikko would tolerate anything on his head, hardly a hat, and not even sunglasses, but he likes to look at himself in the mirror and run around wearing them.

Another great thing just happened today. We're sitting in the kitchen having snack and I'm giving out Oreos. Nikko looks at my Oreo and signs More. I ask More What a few times, More Bread or More Cookie? He signs More, and then signs Cookie. I said, "WOW!" and gave him an Oreo proudly.

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