Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swingset is up!

Our morning was not unusual. The kids were all awake by 7:30a and ready to run around the living room by 9am. They got hungry around 11:30, which seems to be the newer, earlier lunchtime so that's when I got crackin'. Nikko had shown a little interest in Ronin's nuggets last night so this time I gave him 3 whole Mickey Mouse nuggets without cutting them. He seemed very interested in eating them like that, so I don't think I'll cut them for him anymore. Ronin, on the other hand, tries to stuff as much of it in his mouth as he can, so giving him bigger pieces backfires. I still need to give him bite-sized nuggets. Chinny arrived soonafter and I had the kids in the Pilot headed to OT by 1:45p. I wanted an earlier OT session so that we could play in the backyard on the newly assembled swingset ASAP.

OT seemed to go by really fast. Nikko started out on the platform swing and then went through the obstacle course briefly. Suddenly he wanted some FS so Shelly turned his attention toward some building blocks and Play Doh, then mirror markers and shaving cream. He did have one big tantrum when we tried to transition him away from the blocks to something else. We didn't use the FS like I thought we would, which was fine by me. Shelly explained that rewarding him as he was acting up wasn't a good thing. Once he calmed down and was engaged in an activity, Shelly said that would have been the time to reward him with a FS. Our time was up and we went home. Ronin fell asleep on the way home and since he hadn't napped yet all day I decided to let him finish his nap and then we'd go outside to play. In no time the kids were exploring the swingest/seesaw swing/fort/slide/monkey bars. It's a really nice swingset, but I don't think the cedar wood will hold me up in some areas like in the back where there is a picnic table area. I better not try to sit on it, 150 or so lbs. may crush the wood! I guess 40 lbs more or less is a better fit. Surprisingly, the boys didn't stay on it the entire time. I forget that they are both still very young so they won't be playing pretend kitchen or dining in there anytime soon. They started playing with branches of leaves at the base of a tree, their tricycles, and cozy coupe car. I forgot to mention that when it was time to put on their Crocs, Nikko attempted to step into his own pair by himself. AW!

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