Saturday, July 25, 2009

Botched Friday plans

Friday didn't turn out the way it was supposed to either. It started with breakfast. Nikko was drinking chocolate milk and wandering around in the kitchen, his usual M.O. He dragged the stool to the countertop and I wondered if he'd ask for FS or vitamins. Instead, he was looking around the clutter and spotted a Tootise Roll lollipop behind the formula canister. He brought it out and I groaned. It would be a battle to wrestle it away from him and say NO. Instead, I let him have it and he was happy as a clam. He also allowed me to feed him some banana slices in addition to the lollipop. Eww! Ronin was aghast that Nikko was having candy so he wanted some too. I found another little DumDum and let Ronin have it. He didn't finish it, which was fine by me. Lollipops for breakfast. Grrr. Another anomaly was that Audrey went down around 10:45a for a nap and didn't surface until three hours later. Geez! If I knew she'd be out that long I would have planned a project! So typical. The weather wasn't looking so great for a swimming venture; in fact, the weather services kept hinting that some heavy thunderstorms were going to happen in the evening. We postponed our plans, and of course it didn't rain until well after 10pm. :/ It's a good thing that I decided to make a Costco outing, and then have the kids play in the backyard when we got home. Costco was supposed to be a fast trip, but Nikko started whining for FS soon after we came in. I tried to give him raisins but he took them fast and then started trying to get out of the cart. I put him on the ground and could feel him trying to break away, meaning he was intent on running away. I didn't want that to happen in the store so I dug through my bag and looked for FS. Instead, I came upon a lollipop and fished that out for Nikko. He immediately took it, and allowed me to put him back into the cart without a fight. Ronin, on the other hand, balked again at Nikko's candy so I gave Ronin his juice and a few FS, which he eats much slower than Nikko so it's easier to make them last. I really hurried through Costco before the boys finished their stuff, and felt like rewarding my efforts with #2 Meal w/o cheese from McDonald's. I got extra fries to share with the boys. We got home, I unloaded, and then spread out the banig mat for Audrey while hooking the boys up with a snack. They played, roamed, and when I got to a good spot I chased them around and around a tree, tackling them on the banig and having a grand old time. Didn't rain on us at all, but looked cloudy and was humid. I got everyone inside, finally, and we chilled out until Denis came home. After dinner he announced that he was going downstairs, and the boys should follow. Ronin did, but Nikko didn't want to go unless I did. I didn't want to go because Audrey had a poop and I wanted to give her a bath on time, but I knew that if I didn't go downstairs I'd be depriving Nikko of play time with the others, so I went down begrudgingly. It was a good thing because they all had fun chasing each other in circles, doing log rolls, and getting all sweaty. Nikko's hair was drenched. We ended our play session doing the parachute game, like in playgroup. I'm glad I got the same kind of parachute, on sale at Target. I really hope we tired the boys out for a good night's sleep!

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