Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two separate words

At dinnertime on Thursday, Nikko came up to me with an empty cup.

"What does Nikko want?" I asked.

He thrust his cup toward me with a sidelong glance. I repeated my question and he didn't retract his arm.

"What does Nikko want? What IS that?" I asked, pointing to his cup.

Nikko signed Apple with his fist to his cheek and said, "Apple."

He signed Juice with his hand in a C mimicking drinking and said, "Juice."

"Oh," I exclaimed, "You want apple juice! No problem."

He ran away and I gave him a refill. I was really proud that he was able to sign in conjunction with speaking, and put two words together. I thought he would glob them together as "applejuice" but clearly he understands that they are two separate words.

Again, it's the little things. Awesome.

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  1. It's been so long since I spent some time eating your blog, that I am genuinely thrilled to read such amazing progress.

    I promise to be back soon!