Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sight words

We have a book of sight words that we are using to teach Ronin and Audrey how to read. This evening, Denis was reading from the book before bedtime and I decided to usher Nikko away from the iPod Touch into the living room to join everyone. While Ronin was being antsy and Audrey was being bossy for her turn, I sat next to a tired Nikko and heard him quietly say the word on the page: Gorilla. I did a double-take and interrupted Denis so that we could listen to Nikko say it again. When I pointed to the next word, Nikko said, "Tiger." Denis and I looked at each other incredulously and gave out enthusiastic high-fives, to each other as well as to the kids. We were not expecting Nikko to READ sight words alongside his siblings! The last word I could get him to read was Dog(s), and then I could see he was tuckering out. I was brimming with pride, and very intent on working on more words in the near future.

Today a snowstorm hit the midwest and will continue throughout the evening. I took Ronin and Audrey out to shovel and play in the snow before Nikko came home. The kids were outside for a good hour before the bus came, and I wondered if they could sustain playing outside further. Of course, they were ecstatic about the snow and wanted Nikko to come home to play with them. After getting Nikko off the bus, we rushed inside to change into his boots and snowpants. He easily transitioned outdoors and loved to lay on his back to make snow angels. Nikko also liked packing the snow at the bottom of the backyard slide and laying on it. When it was time to go inside, he asked me, "Go swimming?" I think he wanted to continue swimming in the snow. I said time to go inside, and he didn't protest. Later on, while helping him go to the bathroom, he looked at me and asked again, "Go swimming?" This time he moved his arms in swimmers' strokes. I laughed, but told him all finished, tomorrow.

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  1. That's great! Reading sight words is great progress! Way to go Nikko! I bet he can read more than you think ;)