Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mastered X

2nd day back at school for Nikko. He had a cough but no fever or drippy nose, so I wonder if this is going to develop into something. I really hope not!

OT - Did well writing name! Working on refining the "K". Gave Mrs. S sensory diet ideas in a.m. before break to do first thing as winter time lends itself to more sedentary activities. Also worked on IPAD - Doodle Buddy & Touch Sight Words.

According to his discrete trials sheet, he has mastered identifying lower case letters, identifying #s 11-20 and writing his name (with modifications- highlighted letters). I'll have to ask them what the next goals are, or if they are following a goal sheet, or if they are tailoring it to his IEP. I'm happy to see his progress. It also seems he does better when his trials are in the morning vs. the afternoon, when his attention starts to wane.

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