Friday, January 20, 2012

A note to the aide

I'm copying a note I wrote to Nikko's aide regarding the progress of his discrete trials as of late:
(for those who don't know what discrete trials are, it's an ABA-based daily activity where Nikko sits 1:1 with his aide or another teacher and they do activities with him that are geared toward lessons. Each time he attempts an answer, it is recorded out of a series of 10 trials.)

COUNTING OBJECTS - you mentioned a regression in counting, that he rushes. What objects is he counting? Are they pictures of objects or are they actual physical objects? Could you try closing out the trial with him putting the completed picture or the last object in a container, signifying the end of the task? Is there a specific number of objects he'll count up to, and then lose focus? Could he be rewarded (verbally?) for completing a counting sequence before continuing to the next?

BODY PARTS - according to the reports, Nikko doesn't seem to be making progress here. Can we change up the trial with different visuals? I don't know how the trial is done on him, but perhaps he's not understanding what he can't see. Do you use a mirror with him? Are you able to touch him directly on the arm (or head or shoulder) when identifying the body part? Can you put it to a sing-song game or tune?

ID LOWER CASE W/SOUND - is it possible that Nikko doesn't understand that "N" and "n" are the same thing? When I ask him to write  word, for example FAN, he will write in all uppercases. Often if he really doesn't know an answer, instead of saying "I don't know," he will not answer at all. [This is something that Karen, his private speech therapist, pointed out to me.]

and finally, re: SWIM CLASS - Nikko was excited to see the Nikko Swim picture card on our Daily Schedule at home, because he loves the water. "We're going to swim class," is what I told him. It must have stuck with him the rest of the day [which is why today he kept saying "going to swim class" instead of doing some of the trials]. Nikko started another session of swim classes on Thursdays after school, for the next two months or so.

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