Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Saturday

Yesterday we had a busy day. We went to the River Trails Nature Center to hang out for a bit. The weather was decent but not dry enough to play outside, so the kids enjoyed looking at the turtles, water snakes, squirrels, birds, owls and stuffed animal heads. We also spent some time in the recreation room, which is always a great place to take the kids on a rainy day. For lunch we went to a hot dog place called Photos. Nikko had a grilled cheese sandwich but later focused mainly on his fries. We stopped by Target on the way home and I picked up a Kitchenaid toaster over. We've been in the market for one because it's such a pain to fire up the oven and cook batches that are too big. The microwave makes reheating a soggy mess. Our fish sticks won't stand a chance if they cannot be ingested as leftovers. We came home and Ronin took a nap while Audrey proceeded to act like a she-devil. And the entire day, Nikko had poop smears. Some were fibrous, some were a tad watery,but all in all I am still at a loss because there isn't a consistent force that's driving all of Nikko's needs. And almost the same thing happened today with almost no reprieve from diaper changing. I am going to call the gastro's office tomorrow because the gassiness that Nikko passes is just plain awful. Can't stand it.

In other quick news, I got a short burst of Alog speed and decided that some clutter really has to go. I think you call it a work in progress. I cleared some space in the kitchen due to the toaster oven, but the piles in every single room need some cutting down.

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