Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good speech / Thoughts on K

3/2/11 School Report - OT: Swing -stayed on a little bit. Then did trampoline, scooterboard & animal walks. Took drawing & cutting samples and worked on printing name. Made "N" independently a couple of times.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, when Nikko was getting strapped into his seat on the bus, he was looking out the window right at me and I could see his mouth making a big circle as if to say "Byyyeee Mooooom!" And I think he really did say that because the aide who was strapping him in looked up at me with a smile to see if I was looking. I waved back in acknowledgement and I got the warm fuzzies because Nikko has never independently said Bye Mom on the bus before. :)

Nikko had a good speech session today with Lisa. She said that she heard more spontaneous speech coming from him during their play. We went home and the boys (both of them, despite Ronin's wheezy breathing) went to school. I then took Audrey with me to return a DVD and books at the NSSEO, to register her for pre-K in the fall, and to Target to get a bunch of foodstuff. Denis came home early, too. When the boys came home, I quickly fed them snack and then told them I had to go to a meeting. I prepped Nikko by saying, "Nikko, Mommy has to go to a meeting. I'll be right back, OK? I'll be right back. I'll see you later, Nikko! I'll see you later!" I smiled the whole time and got down onto his level to say all those things. Nikko accepted my speech and said, "Byyyeeee, Mommy!" When that happens, I know that he's not going to be upset by my leaving. I don't surprise him anymore by sneaking out; that's just bad news waiting to happen, and I also don't think it's kind.

I met with Nikko's teachers to continue talking about Kindergarten. My concerns were whether or not the curriculum he'd be working on would be modified or standard? They said that his K work would be modified to his level so he can accomplish it, and he'd be working with a classroom aide to get things (or parts of things) done. Another concern was the level of communication between parents and teachers. I have talked to a few other moms about Kindergarten and they all said that the communication is not good. Whereas Nikko has a great teacher environment right now because they can all talk to each other in the same room, in K the teachers are spread out. They meet monthly to talk about their SN students, so that's a comfort. One of the teachers had daily progress reports similar to Margie's. I would really prefer that kind of communication, so I'll have to work it out with whatever teacher is going to be in his ESP classroom. A lot of things will be hammered out in the IEP meeting in April. I really look forward to the information I'm going to be getting to prep myself for that meeting! We also talked about Nikko being eligible for ESY again this summer, but this time it's at Lions Park. Of course I'd prefer it to be at Fairview, but I think they alternate schools each summer. I'm going to have to move Nikko's speech sessions around when that starts. There's a lot of things I have to mull over as well regarding Nikko's summer ESY session, possible day camp through the NWSRA, what to do with Ronin and what to do with Audrey. Everything revolves around Nikko's schedule, but I have to make the other kids' summer a nice one, too.

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