Friday, March 4, 2011

Naming, PD and Poop

3/4/11 School Report - Speech: Requesting animals for puzzle. Requested singing Twinkle. Greetings in office. Teacher pix are posted. We looked for each of his teachers & therapists. "Is this Mrs. McCarthy - No Mrs. McCarthy" for 5 or 6, then found it and he would say "Mrs. McCarthy!" for correct one. He picked it up pretty quickly. Nikko is also ding a good jov making choices. If offered Do you want red or green? He will choose rather than repeat both options.

Nikko really wanted to play with Play-Doh this morning before going to speech and there was just enough time for me to let them play. It wasn't without me stressing about being on time, though. When we arrived, the parking spaces at our entrance were filled and I really didn't want to walk a long way in the drizzle today. I drove around to the front of the building and found a space there, but we had to trek through the APT hallways to get back to the waiting lobby. Nikko seemed to have a good speech session with Karen this morning. She had a puppy board game that he really wanted to play and he requested it often. She also told me that when she tried to get more motion out of him regarding the sled/sleigh, he would say NO. No no no! That is great to me, because he has never told me NO straight up. I always get the whining version. Nikko is also still doing the headphones with Karen.

As we were leaving speech, I could smell a poopy diaper. We went to the bathroom to change Nikko and it was a partically smear (read: dry flecks. He had been sitting in it for a while.). It wasn't something I wanted him to sit in on the way home. After lunch, he smelled again so I changed another poopy diaper, this time it was more the consistency of peanut butter. It had a tiny bit more volume and was honestly the best poop I have seen from him in a week. The boys went off to school and when he came back, he had three more smear incidents His last BM in his diaper was peanut butter again, which looked great. Ha ha ha, talking about poop looking great! I must be a mom. :/

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