Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random things

3/2/11 School Report - Speech: Linda Hoeck is coming to Nikko's annual review! Good job naming things in room. Likes to go to lounge and name food in fridge. Greetings. I am hearing more spontaneous words attached to an activity. I had ball - I wanted him to request but he said "throw" "catch" "ball". Working with water on & off, cold, requesting, etc. He saw a carrot. I said "Yuck" - He said "Yucky carrot", liked it so kept saying it. Imitated most phrases well today while working. Good job naming animals during group today, too.

Nikko had a good session with Kathy today. She didn't really go into details and I didn't hear any protests or crying. That was really it regarding therapies today. Did I mention that yesterday I gave the boys haircuts? I was using a rechargeable clipper that I got from Costco, and lately the charge has begun to shrink. I finished Nikko's hair and barely got started on Ronin's when the clippers died. I waited at five minute increments to get some juice going, but ended up using scissors on Ronin's hair. Then I went on and ordered real plug-in-the-wall clippers and attachments. Geez. Today I marvelled at Nikko's haircut and wonder why I wait so long in between. He looks so cute! And I can't resist rubbing that buzzed head of his.

The front console of our portable dishwasher stopped working AGAIN after only six months since the last repair. Denis contacted the manufacturer and today a guy named Frank came to check it out, order a part and then came back in the late afternoon to install it. Nikko came home from school when the guy was here and he did a good job of watching from the kitchen table, sitting next to me. I even gave him the iPod Touch so he could play some skee ball. That in of itself is a new, cool thing I found out; his ABA therapists sometimes used their iPhones to entice Nikko to the next drill, and one of them (Jenna?) taught Nikko how to use the skee ball app. He easily flicks his thumb up the lane, and even hits the MORE button when the game is over. It's easier than teaching him Angry Birds. In Nikko's backpack I took out an art project. It was yellow yarn and a fork glued to a paper plate with red paint drizzled over it and three peach pom poms on it. Spaghetti and meatballs! Nikko started chanting "Cold spaghetti, yummy yummy!" which is from The Wiggles. It's really a neat looking project and I'm glad he has some ownership over it.

Last thing: two teaspoons of lactulose a day are not making me feel very secure. He didn't poop the entire day, but had a slightly shred-like smear at bath time. A little more volume than a smear, but not enough to be a small BM, in my opinion. I'll give it the week and see if there's a pattern to be had.

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