Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two rascals

3/11/11 School Report - Speech: Greetings in office, where ?s with pictures, great with teacher pix on wall - Is This_____? he would say "no" really loudly - [if] it was the person he would say their name. Did it for 5 teachers and did it for Rnin in the hall by their classroom!
Bathroom: @3:15pm Nikko had gas and pushed for couple of minutes, smeared poop in diaper, sat him on toilet.

A global note: Early this morning there was an earthquake registered at 8.9 that rocked the Pacific near Japan. It spurned tsunami waves that crashed onto Japanese shores and caused hundreds of deaths and lots of destruction. Other neighboring islands were effected by six-foot waves and lots of panic. I saw some of the footage on CNN and it is surreal. From the aerial view it looks like water rolling across fields in slow motion, except this water has houses, boats, cars and debris. The water rolls into cities and you realize that if you were on the ground, this water is moving incredibly fast. Tsunami.

Nikko didn't wake up with a bloody nose today, thankfully. But he still had residual blood crusted in his nose so I took it upon myself to manually get at him with the tissue. He was pretty pissed at me for restraining him and showed it by boycotting breakfast. I honestly think he was mad at me, and it took a while for him to look at me without trepidation. We had speech this morning with Karen and I had to warn her about his coughing. Nikko didn't have a temperature any more and the hacking has gone down enough that I think he can manage in school without getting looks from other kids. He seemed to have a good speech session. The problem wasn't him this morning: it was Audrey and Ronin. They were so excited to see Tyler, the Kindergarten boy that goes to Westbrook that Ronin recognized two times before, that both kiddos started running around and playing chase with Tyler. They were also getting noisy, plus there were more parents and kids coming into this small lobby to wait for their therapists. I was getting super annoyed at my kids, trying to reign them in, shush them, threaten that they wouldn't get lollipops. I could not believe that Audrey was being ornery when I sat her on my lap. She only wanted to get down and play. Same with Ronin. In retrospect, I shouldn't blame them for feeling cooped up and wanting to release their energy. But this morning I was truly at a lost on how to discipline one's children in public, when they are clearly being naughty. Doing 1-2-3 would have been laughable because since they were both orbiting Tyler, one would be wreaking havoc while I'd wrestle with the other to sit still. Let's just say I need to find a better lure for my youngest two.

Nikko went to school, came home, had ABA with Rebecca. Things went smoothly overall. Rebecca noted that Nikko was getting very hooked on one reinforcer when asked to do a drill, and was not responding to other reinforcers. I guess I'll have to dig around for more toys that Nikko will truly want during sessions. Finally, this evening I went to a Bollywood dancing class with Atz. It was good to get away for just a little while. Nikko was having a bath when I came home, and Ronin was still awake but set for la la land.

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