Monday, February 28, 2011

Helping him along

I had to use the suppository. :( Nikko hadn't had a proper BM in 3.5 days. I saw him straining behind a chair. When Nikko saw me bring over the big jar of Vaseline he immediately started to whimper and cry. Poor boy. But I only used half a tablet and I was quick. It was Nikko who seemed to take FOREVER to push something out. I think he didn't push a darn thing out for over half an hour. And when he did, three times, I wasn't crazy with the results. He didn't have one massive, expelling BM. Instead, it was three medium ones with mixtures of soft and liquid poop, each not at a great volume. So now that I've reset the poop clock, I'll have to watch and see how long it takes Nikko to get backed up again. Is that lactulose even helping?? Saturday was the suppository. Today he had somewhat of a "regular" BM but man it stunk up to high heaven. It (and the small BM after it) was/were FOUL. I'll give it another two days of charting before calling the gastro for plan B.

In other news today, Audrey was a complete and irritable brat from the moment she woke up. Ronin wasn't that cheery either. That leaves Nikko with the sunniest disposition of the three. He didn't give me any problems today. I'll count my blessings on that one!

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  1. I remember when Billy was three, the hospital used lactulose and it didn't do a thing. I remember thinking, 'how much poo could be inside this child now?' after three or four days. I know the GI doctor we are waiting for (roll on July) is a Movicol fan. Who knows what will make real change for our boys?

    Poor sweet Nikko, and poor you.