Friday, February 18, 2011

Lactulose, 2 days

2/16/11 - School report - OT: Good session. Did lots of alerting, movement and deep pressure inputs. then worked on name printing at wipe off board, cutting and drawing at table. Less vocalizations today.
Speech: It's a______, household items, verbs, requesting, verbs.

Wednesdays are our long days. It was also my birthday on the 16th. I had a packed schedule: Speech, home for kids' lunch, then off to mom's house w/Audrey for real lunch, then home before the boys, then ABA w/Rebecca, and finally dinner with everyone. It ended up being a calm day, but a little harried when getting to Speech. Because we arrived just on time, the parking lot was full and we had to trek a ways down the business complex parking lot. Nikko had a good session with Lisa, but was upset when he came back into the lobby and we weren't there. We were in the bathroom changing Audrey's diaper. I heard crying from behind the door and let them in. I guess a change in the routine really upset Nikko, go figure. He was able to sing happy birthday in unison with his siblings at some point during the day. I don't think he napped at all, so he must have been tired by day's end. Rebecca said his session was good, but he's still testing her.

2/17/11 School Report - Bathroom: Nikko had loud and foul smelling gas today. He had a small amount of soft poop. He cried and bent over while on the toilet. It seems like his stomach was very crampy.
Speech: I took him after the bathroom - so was not happy. Crying, screaming. He finally calmed down by singing. Good job with food vocab. 1-step directions.


That was, unfortunately, disturbing to read. I wonder if it was the Lactulose. It's totally possible, and since we have a four-day weekend (School Improvement Day on Friday, no school Mondays) I'll be observing Nikko closely. I remember how he passed gas two days ago and it was horribly stinky, the worst I had ever smelled, and it lingered. The part that makes me worry is the crying due to possible cramping. Definitely listed side effects of the Lactulose.


At lunchtime Nikko decided to eat the Tortorice's pizza from last night. I have to scape off the top layer of cheese, onion and ground beef, and he'll eat it with just the sauce. Maddening, because that pizza is my favorite and not cheap. After I cut him off, after three adult-sized pieces, I had some for myself WITH the toppings. Nikko accosted me at the kitchen table and obviously wanted more. I cut him a small, bite-sized piece and gave it to him. I noted that I gave him a piece with the cheese on top. Nikko really hasn't had a large amount of dairy in a long time, since we started miralaxing his juice last summer. So a small part of me wonders if his reaction today was to the cheese. Well, maybe it's unfounded since he has cheese sandwiches often. Maybe he ate too much pizza. Maybe I'm just hoping it's not the Lactulose. Geez.

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