Monday, February 21, 2011

Constipation alert / Birthday Party

********TMI ALERT************
I thought we were in the clear without the miralax. It's been five days off of it and Nikko's poops were becoming the consistency of peanut butter again. The poopy diapers had whittled down to 3-4 a day.

Until today.

Nikko had two diapers that had poop smears, the first one being barely any, the second one at the end of the day being peanut buttery but not a big amount. He had mostly wet diapers today. That's not a good sign right now. It could mean he is compacting the poop and could get backed up. He's still on 2 teaspoons Lactulose a day, so I'm hoping that will help push the BMs along, like the one that produced the last poop diaper tonight. But Nikko also seemed to have gas, and possibly some cramping today. I saw it. I'll describe it in a minute, but the fact that these side effects are happening isn't sitting well with me.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program.

I took Nikko to a birthday party for his classmate Timmy. It was at the YMCA and it was really busy. The party took place in a gym upstairs with two party rooms, a rock wall (we didn't use that) and a huge tunnel/climbing/slide apparatus. Nikko loved it, even though he initially got stuck and wailed for me so I had to help fish him out. After that, he was all over it. When we first arrived, I noticed that the parents just dropped off their kids and left. The hosts were friendly and the dad told me if I wanted to leave I could certainly come back later. I then explained that Nikko had autism and because he had speech challenges it would probably be better for him if I stayed. The dad was cool with it, and was very friendly to everyone. He even treated Nikko just like one of the boys. I was able to talk to Tommy's mom at length, because she stayed for a bit. When it was time to have pizza, Nikko was pretty hungry and seemed to fit silently at the table. The other boys around him were very chatty At one point I thought I smelled Nikko pass some gas so I tried to subtly check him. He was dry. Then he moved from sitting to hovering over the side of his chair, bent over. I think that he might have had a cramp at this point because he uttered a moan and then his eyes filled with tears. At that same moment, Timmy's dad had walked by and noticed but remarked jokingly about something. Nikko looked like he had a bout of pain, but then the moment passed and he sat down to finish eating. They distributed cupcakes and Nikko ate the chocolate frosting on his. Nikko was eager to get back to the climbing apparatus so I let him. He had shed his socks and then later shed the band-aid that was protecting his heel. All in all, Nikko had a fun time in a gross motor kind of way. However, he didn't interact with any kids. They swarmed around him, some said Hi to him, but Nikko was obviously on his own. It made me sad to see him oblivious to all the kids. He was like the loner kid at a party, or at the playground, or really... anywhere.

I hoped that Nikko's activity would make him tired, but he didn't nap. He went to bed and then around 1a he had a nosebleed. I heard him cough and something about the cough made me go check on him. Sure enough, there was blood dripping from his nose. I wonder what is causing it besides the dry humidity and temperature changes around here.

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