Saturday, February 12, 2011


2/11/11 - School Report - Speech: Worked on household vocab. Very imitative today. Said "I don't know" on his own 2x. Requested "Twinkle" again. We were looking in the mirror and I was trying to get him to say Nikko & Ms. Winters. He imitate Nikko. I said Ms... he said "Kathy!" Too funny. Worked on boy parts, greetings, I see a____. For love item he said "Bow Wow" when I asked the name!

I got a call from Nikko's teacher giving me a heads up that before Nikko got on the bus going home, he had a big blowout in his diaper. They pulled him from the line to quickly change him, and he got upset. This was probably because he didn't understand why he wasn't being put on the bus right away. They were just warning me in case Nikko was still mad when he got home. The bus arrived (it's been arriving ten minutes later than usual because the original bus was in for repairs and this older bus doesn't have five-point harnesses. Instead the straps are over the shoulders and takes more time to buckle in) and Nikko was fine. His eyes portrayed that there were some possible tears but overall he was happy. Nikko has been treading carefully on the pavement lately, avoiding the icy patches and opting to hop from one dry cement patch to another. Safe boy.

This evening I was picked up by Patrick and Jovy and went to see Rory's school play where she had a lead part and a solo. I had prepped Audrey and Ronin about going to the in-law's house to celebrate a birthday and play with their cousins, and luckily they both adapted to my mentioning not being with them tonight. However, Nikko seemed to only hear key words such as "Going. Later. Nice night. Have fun." That all meant the same thing: MOMMY IS LEAVING ME. He was not a happy camper and erupted into tears, trying to put on his socks faster than I could put on my boots. I still walked out the door but knew they would all be all right. When we returned three hours later, we pulled into the driveway right behind the returning Pilot. Everyone was happy to see that I was there, and I aptly put the kids down to bed.

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