Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good day for Nikko

2/22/11 - School Report - OT: Doing lots of altering and body awareness activities. Worked on person drawing at wipe off board. At table - worked with mini chalkboard, printing letters in first name - still very challenging.
Speech: I went with Nikko for vision screening with NSSEO vision therapist. He was sad to leave the room. Cried, said "Oh no." Sat nicely & did a good job! Named Ernie puppet. Did close & distance naming square, house-shape and circle! At one point said "ready to go?"

Either Nikko can recognize the letters of his name OR he knows how to spell it by rote. On a piece of paper today I was writing out his name, pointing to each letter. N-I-K-K, what comes next? He said, "Oh!" I'll try it again tomorrow. The concept of letter is becoming very important for me to show to Nikko as of late.

He had a great session with Kathy today. She told me it was his best one ever. He was very focused, too. No complaints = a good session! I think Kathy is his favorite of the three right now, since he's always chanting, "Kappy coming to play."

I had more interaction with Nikko today. He sat by me a lot, gave me lots of eye contact and keeps asking me/baiting me to play tickle games with him. He'd purposefully say, "LOLL-EE-POP!" and then he knows I will say, "No more lollipop, only....tickles!"

As for his bowel movements, I'm tracking them on a daily chart so I can see if a pattern emerges. I called the gastro for our week follow-up and agreed that we should give the lactulose a little longer, to see if a pattern emerges. What I am watching for is more consistency in the hardness of his poo. It's been slightly firmer, peanut buttery as I mentioned yesterday. This morning he had a BM that had some solid pieces, but also watery stuff. No other poopy diapers during the day. That's not great. I wonder if tomorrow will herald more poop, and hopefully it will happen before we go to speech therapy. I wonder if one big blow-out poopy diaper a day is what we're going to get. Hopefully nothing's getting impacted again, but I really need a few more days to see what happens. I think 1-2 poops are considered "normal."

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