Friday, February 4, 2011

A good day

2/4/11 - School report: Speech - Lots of sing-song today so tried to channel that into singing. Old MacDonald - he thought of 2 animals. He sang Jingle Bells and did Row Row Boat, What ? with pictures, greetings.
Bathroom - Nikko had smeared poop in his pull-up so we put lots of vaseline on his bottom.

We ventured out of the house today to speech. Nikko was in good spirits and easily took Karen's hand to get to work. After his session Karen said that he did well. He knows the routine with her and when he puts something away in a box, she will hold the lid closed and say nothing until he asks her to "Open" or she'll prompt him with "What does Nikko want?" He answers her directly. I noted that most of the time I get the whines. He never whines with her. If that's a comfort thing, then I am jealous!! I like to think that our expectations (mine and Karen's) are not that different.

Rebecca and Jenna came over for Nikko's ABA session after school. He was in good spirits, even though the bus came at 4:40p instead of at least 4:30p. Nikko still had time to snarf down some cheese puffs and get a diaper change while I let the other two set up downstairs. His session, according to Rebecca, was so-so. She said he didn't complete his drills, and she didn't record the data because it was behavioral. I think Jenna could tell I wasn't thrilled that Rebecca didn't record any data because Jenna mentioned to Rebecca that she should still record an "i" for inconsistent, because if Maria read the reports then it would look like Nikko didn't know how to do the drills, when in fact he DOES know the drills but his performance was based on behavior that day. I think the next meeting with the school/ABA team will probably be in late March or early April. Hopefully it's before the IEP meeting.

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