Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gas tanks and Kappy

2/8/11 School Report - Speech: Playing cars - putting gas in car, vocab.

Whenever I go to the gas pump, I don't take the kids out of the car so they have never seen me put gas in the tank. I would like to do this when the weather is better and someone else is with me so Nikko doesn't wander or fiddle with stuff he's not supposed to. I thought about taking him out of the car recently when we went to Costco, but I feared that another car would pull up behind us and Nikko wouldn't see it.

Kathy cancelled ABA with Nikko today because she was sick. I wonder if he knew that today she was supposed to come, because at bath time, while he sat on the toilet, he suddenly said, "Kappy's coming to play." He repeated it a few times and I corrected him, saying she was sick and that Rebecca was coming to play with him tomorrow. I don't think he was as thrilled to hear that.

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