Monday, February 7, 2011

Costco trip

I looked at four new inches of snow on the ground and wondered when the shovelling would begin. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to venture into low single digits, turning this powdery snow into ice, so at some point today we would have to go outside. I've just been feeling low on energy lately and my moments of motivation seem to hit around 4-5pm. Something must be off with my circadian rhythms.

It wasn't until 4:30p that we decided to go out. Denis stayed with Ronin & Audrey, destined to shovel and climb snow hills, while I planned to take Nikko with me to Costco. I thought about leaving him at home while I made a quick trip and I know he likes trampling in the snow, but I wanted him to be "social" by being exposed to different places and different places. I had to gas up the tank first (I was driving the Civic) and Nikko got somewhat nervous sitting in the back seat and not able to see me while I stood at the pump. I sat in the driver's seat and joined Nikko while he sang London Bridge is Falling Down. Then we parked and went into Costco. Nikko was happy with a lollipop, dragging his feet behind the cart and sometimes hopping onto the bar in front of me to hitch a free ride. We had to pass by the DVD section and Nikko quickly ran to grab a colorful DVD. The title was a Chihuahua movie so I said uh, NO and I put it back. He had another opportunity to grab something and this time it was a Leap Frog DVD titled Numbers Ahoy for $6.99. That was acceptable to me and he clung to that DVD case like it was an arm. We'll likely watch it tomorrow since this evening was dedicated to the Superbowl, the commercials and Glee. Nikko was not a bother to bring to the store at all, and luckily we were able to pass by the food court without any resistance.

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