Tuesday, February 1, 2011


2/1/11 - This morning Nikko was eating a cheese sandwich (croissant cut in half and smeared with cheese sauce) when he dripped some cheese onto the placemat. He sat looking at it for a minute then got up and gravitated to my side by the computer. When I looked up and saw the spill I got a napkin and announced, "Oops, what a mess, Nikko!" He wasn't looking at me but said, "Sorry!" I replied, "That's ok, Nikko, let's clean it up!" I wiped it quickly and replaced his napkin. Then it was business as usual. What tickled me about the conversation was that there WAS a conversation and that Nikko spontaneously said SORRY. Very much in context!

School report - Speech: Association puzzles, likes matching them. Labeled, greetings.

This afternoon, after the boys got on the bus, I took Audrey with me to Costco and to WalMart for last-minute provisions and before the blizzard hit. Snowmaggeddon is one of the colloquialisms that this ice/snow storm that's rocking the northern mideast and west is being called. If the temperatures aren't that bad tomorrow, maybe we'll suit up the kids to go in the snow, because school was cancelled for Wednesday. I also cancelled Nikko's speech tomorrow with Lisa, but I think it was a good call because there will be up to two feet of snow on the ground and driving conditions are going to be bad.

Nikko's diaper rash is getting better. He wasn't in as much pain as he was the last two days. We're slated to see Dr. Nelson again on the 14th and I wonder what she will be recommending this time. I pray she won't tell us to do another two enemas. I also wonder if I should try tweaking the miralax dosages before the appointment. His poop has been liquidy at times, and splattery the other times. Very little has been solidly formed for two months. I sure hope it's time for the fiber build-up! I'm not seeing any dark behaviors that I saw in October and November. This is good for school and for therapies. On Friday, Jenna will come over to observe Rebecca so I am hoping that meeting will bring Rebecca more confidence in her relationship with Nikko. Unfortunately, I won't be around at the end of the session because I hope to go to see a school play in which Rory is performing. I will probably take Ronin with me, too. I think he will appreciate seeing something unique. This means that Nikko won't see me after the session; Denis will be here to take care of Nikko and Audrey. I'll have to catch up with Jenna another time, maybe through email.

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