Saturday, January 29, 2011

Potato / Ronin's meltdown

1/28/11 School report - Speech: Better work today. Good naming household items. Said "I don't know" twice when I cued. Then twice on his own! He also said "Hi Winters" when I said "hi".

At lunchtime, I decided to heat up some potatoes in the microwave, split them open, slather with [fake] butter and serve up as a baked potato. Nikko love it, had about three halves. The boys went off to school. When they came home, I saw that they went to a presentation given by a dental hygienist because they both had bags with a toothbrush, toothpaste and an overview. In fact, the overview said that the dentist had a child with ASD that currently goes to Prospect High School. Nikko was content to carry around his toothbrush and say, "Brush your teeth" again and again. Ronin was happy with his wares, and since Audrey didn't go to school I gave her a toothbrush from the cabinet and snagged Nikko's toothpaste to give to her. I think Audrey went to bed with the toothbrush and paste, too. When it came time to go to the in-law's house for dinner, I saw that Nikko was standing on a stool by the kitchen counter, looking for nothing in particular. He was poking at the bag of potatoes so I took a small one out and gave it to him. I don't know why but he quickly adopted the potato and ran happily away. That potato came with us to the in-law's house, by the way. And it went to bed with Nikko, too. I wonder if it will hold the same power tomorrow as well.

Just wanted to note one more thing, that yesterday before the boys left for school, Ronin had the mother of all meltdowns, the worst I've ever seen with him. He wanted to put on his boots before Nikko, but Nikko had come to me first and I wanted to get Nikko ready so that he could stand by the door all set to go. Ronin didn't want to be second. HE WANTED TO BE FIRST. And that's when things got ugly. Ronin demanded Nikko to come back and take off his boots so that Ronin could be first. I kept trying to put socks and boots and coat on Ronin, and he struggled in protest. I've allotted only five minutes for the "coating" process and Ronin was making this all drag. I got really irritated and angry, saying that Ms. Veronica was coming and wasn't going to wait for us, that if we were late then I'd have to drive him to school.


Ronin suddenly changed his tune and wanted me to drive him to school. I was pissed because I wanted them on the bus. I got the boys outside with Ronin screaming and crying for the whole block to hear him. When the bus pulled up, Nikko got on but Ronin dragged away. I told Ms. Veronica that I'd be driving Ronin, despite her coaxing Ronin to join the bus. When the bus pulled away I grabbed Ronin's sleeve and dragged him back into the house with grim determination. I had to get Audrey booted and coated, then make sure I had my purse and grocery list ready to go. But Ronin was wailing that he wanted the bus to COME BACK. I was screaming at him by now, saying that the bus was GONE and wasn't coming back so I'd have to drive him. He wouldn't sit quietly or patiently at all. That was driving me batty. I say this all low-key, but at the time I was pretty hoarse, angry, pissed off, you name it. I put Ronin and Audrey into the Pilot and drove to school. When the teacher came to unbuckle Ronin from his seat, I thought he was going to launch into another tirade but just then another student walking by said, "Hi, Ronin!" It was a classmate, and he and Ronin walked hand in hand toward the school. Yeah, cute. I was relieved for that, but having such a horrible time and feeling awful because I was still sick that I was crying all the way to Costco. I think being in the house for two weeks with sick kids, and sick me, has taken its toll.

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