Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gastro orders

Dr. Nelson's nurse called me today with the doc's instructions and results:
Celiac testing came out normal.
X-ray results showed gas in the colon (probably normal) and a large amount of stool in the left side of the rectum toward the end. Therefore, she recommends the following:
-Use a pediatric Fleet enema 2 evenings in a row.
-Continue the 1/2 capful 2x/day of Miralax.
-Give him one teaspoon of Fletcher's at bedtime. (Fletcher's Castoria is made of natural Senna, an herb, a derivative of the senokot [root], a laxative.
-Try sitting after meals on the toilet, 5-10 minutes, within 1/2 hour after eating.

The reason why we're continuing another month of cleansing is because the colon and rectum are so stretched out right now that it needs to be cleaned out, and propel things through, so that the colon and rectum will return to its normal state. This could take a while. I found Fletcher's at CVS Pharmacy, but they didn't have the pediatric version of the Fleet enema. The pharmacist said she ordered some and will be in tomorrow after 11a. Guess I'll be making another trip out in the afternoon for that. And then I'll have to get Denis to help me hold Nikko down while administering the enema. Greeeaaaaat.

Today I visited the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) to return a VHS tape and get the PECS DVD to watch. While there, I had the opportunity to look at the other books and videos available for checking out. I picked up a behavioral intervention book that I've been looking/waiting for on amazon for months, a challenging behavior book, and a toilet training book. Great resources, but now I have to find some time to read all this!

And get this, his school report today:
Speech - Better attention today. Naming pictures, greeting, started association puzzles - 2 piece puzzles, he did pretty well: cake/candles, paintbrush/paint, train/train track. He was rubbing his eyes and I said, "Are you tired?" He said, "I want sleepy time." and laid down! It was a brief rest and then we did "I see ____"

I can hardly believe that happened. He usually requests food and only food. But sleepy time is totally out of context for where he was at, so that really says something about his developing self-awareness. That is truly awesome. Now, if I can figure out a way to get some fish oil into that kid, to do some brain boosting, I'll be set. :)

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