Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally better

Nikko's fever broke some time overnight but he was warm all day. The lethargy was almost gone because he sat (and leaned) and played with the train set. His appetite was so-so until the afternoon when he went gaga over peaches. But by the day's end he was probably overtired from not napping all day. For the past two days he was in and out of sleep and today he didn't nap at all. I took an hour to go to the school and observe the Kindergarten / Extended Support Program. Atz came over to watch Nikko and Audrey. She told me that he didn't whine or put up a fight when I left. It was good to observe how the classrooms were structured. Upon visiting the ESP room, I felt at east that it was a place where Nikko could get work done. I can envision his ABA drills being done there. What totally freaks me out is the idea of him being at school the entire day, even through lunchtime. He's not the best eater. I've got to start him on grilled cheese sammies or something friendly for school! He's not eating chicken nuggets like he used to. I wonder if cold pizza will hold up in a lunch box? In case he relapses tomorrow morning, I cancelled his speech at APL. While I want him to keep moving forward in speech and everything else, I also want him functioning at 100%. I think his sickness this week made him crabby and weaker so we've got to hit the reset button over the weekend.

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