Sunday, January 9, 2011

Triple blood draw

Around 10a we took all three kids to Northwest Community Hospital to get their blood drawn. Ronin and Audrey were due for blood testing regarding their multiple food allergies and Nikko was getting ruled out for celiac disease per his gastro. We've been putting it off since over the holiday but decided there was no better time to do this, especially if Denis' case went forward in full motion this month. I loaded up on the lollipops, DVD player, books, toys and snacks. The kids didn't know what we were going to the hospital for. Nikko followed me to one of the registration booths and sat asking me for lollipops while a receptionist helped fill out all our paperwork. Nikko ate five of them before we were finished, and in between lollipops he asked like a parrot and would start whining when I told him no.

The lab was on the second floor, a very familiar place to us since we've been there multiple times when the kids were babies. Two phlebotomists were on hand to handle us. Nikko was called first but had to wait longer because his paperwork wasn't ready at that time. I led Ronin into the room, put him in my lap and instantly he was whining. I wrapped my leg around his, put my left arm around his body to grip his right arm, and then tilted his face toward mine with my right hand so he wouldn't see what the phlebotomists were doing to his left arm. Once the butterfly needle went in, Ronin started crying. He tried to move but I kept talking to him about eating Old MacDonald french fries when we were done. I also promised him a lollipop which I gave him immediately when we were finished. I walked him back to the lobby where Denis and Audrey sat, and then took Nikko's hand. He started whining, too. We did the same procedure, except Nikko had started crying loudly from the moment I picked him up. He was tense and tried to move his body but I immobilized it well. I also turned his teary face toward mine and started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He was pissed, but didn't lash out, thank God. When we finished, he tore off the taped gauze on his arm and fled the room, standing in the hallway to loudly protest. I walked him back (of course he trailed me the whole time) and called for Audrey. Happily and unknowingly, she said, "My turn!" She sat on my lap and was slightly curious when I turned her head away from her left arm. She felt the prick, struggled slightly and announced, "It huuuurrrts!" But there were no tears, I told her she was such a brave little girl, and she got stickers before getting a lollipop. The girl was no problem. :)

We went to do a Meijer grocery run, and finally got some chicken nuggets and fries on the way home. It was the kids' reward for getting their blood drawn. I was surprised that the hospital was not crazy-busy on a Saturday morning. It was almost deserted. That meant we didn't have to wait long at all, and that was fine by me. I think Nikko certainly didn't like what happened to him, but I don't think it was traumatizing since I was there and holding him the whole time. I don't want to do this again for a long time.

This evening, after dinner, I saw blood on the couch where Nikko sits. I ran to him and saw that the black part of his toe was gone, replaced by smeared blood. I thought his toenail came off but upon closer inspection I saw that the blackness under his toenail was probably a huge blood blister that had popped when he jumped on the couch. His toe actually looks closer to normal, much better, except for the tattered skin around the nail bed. It's a relief because his toe was looking like it needed to be amputated at the tip. Nikko refuses to wear any type of bandage, of course. It's maddening that we can't cover his wound without him trying to rip off the band aid.

I haven't been feeling great the past two days. My head is all cloudy, my sleep is messed up, and I've been missing my alarm so I missed my morning workout. I hope another day of rest will put my body back on track and clear my sinuses and cough. I need to work out again!

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