Sunday, January 23, 2011

The wry smile

1/21/11 School report: Speech - Nikko seemed happy to be back! We worked on naming pix. If he doesn't know one and I shake my head no he will say "I don't know." So cute! We are working on the hosuehold item pictures now. Tried fishing games, greetings, directions.

I sent Nikko to school on Friday. His fever was gone and he was no longer lethargic. He seemed happy to go back to school as well. I pretty much cancelled all his therapies during the week because I couldn't predict his mood. Friday morning was very perplexing because he woke up and curled himself on the floor in front of the shoe cubbies. He wanted his juice but wouldn't take any steps toward the kid table, no matter how enticing I made it for him. He wanted me to bring his juice to him, but I refused. Perhaps I did that when he was sick in the living room, but if I brought him his juice at other places in the house then I think it would start a precedence of trouble. This has become a familiar pattern as of late, Nikko pushing my boundaries and trying to see how far I will go. It sucks.

We didn't have anywhere to go today. However, Ronin woke up with a fever to match the fever Audrey had yesterday. So now I have two little ones with fevers that fluctuate. Audrey's nose is drippy and she is driving me insane because she wants me to wipe it all the time. She refuses to do it herself. I've tried to get her to wipe her own nose but that will of hers is just as strong as Ronin's. As for my poor Ronin, his fever caused him to be lethargic yet agreeable today. It was much easier to parent the sick kid that could communicate his pain versus the one who could not. :( Ronin ended up sleeping in the afternoon and throwing up juice in the evening. I started him on pedialyte on ice because his appetite has disappeared.

Nikko seems oblivious to his sibling's pains. He jumped on Ronin in the evening, smooshing Ronin against a pillow. It wasn't malicious, although Ronin was screaming for Nikko to get off him. I came by and tried to move Nikko. He wouldn't budge. I tried to pry his arms off the pillow and Nikko stood fast. I looked at Nikko and he looked directly at me with a wry little smile on his face. Through Ronin's screams I understood immediately that Nikko knew EXACTLY what I wanted him to do, but was purposefully doing the opposite. For whatever reason, I don't know. But it showed me that Nikko was completely cognizant that his actions were irritating Ronin.

One more thought before I go. Today I received emailed pictures of Nikko at school. I am so appreciative to receive these pictures because I can see what Nikko does at school. It warms my heart to see him amongst his peers. But today I noticed something in the pictures that has really been around but hard not to see. Nikko looks spacey. He had three pictures playing at the sensory table. It was filled with snow and ice, and for each picture he didn't look directly into the camera. In fact, in one picture he was standing next to a boy (Charlie, maybe?) who stood and grinned really wide at the camera. Nikko was leaning on the edge of the table, looking off to the side. I reviewed all the other pictures and yes, he does this in many instances where he is playing alone, but I noticed more engagement in the pictures prior to this last set. I really hope it's a fluke. Another thing I've been noticing again as of late is the staring-up-at-the-ceiling thing he does when he is off in his own little world. He'll be sitting on Denis' lap at storytime and we'll ask him what song we should sing. Instantly his eyes will go up toward the bookcase against the wall and his eyes will stay on that bookcase. He may or may not be listening to us. Many times we will put a hand on his chin and turn his head toward us while his eyeballs stay glued on to the bookcase. It takes my hand over his eyes to make them shift back to us. Is there a term for this lack of engagement? It pains me to see that this still happens in Nikko.

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