Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Day three of toe, technically. Looks bad, dark under and around nail bed. Not more swollen. He puts more pressure on it today, and is not walking around like Quasimoto as much. Still favors it, though.

School Report: Speech - Greetings, 1-step directions.
OT: Did alerting activities not on feet i.e. big ball bouncing, upper body strengthening. Then did table work - cutting, drawing. Lots of singing today.

He also had a good speech session at APT with Lisa. Said he was in a good mood.

The downside? His ABA session did not go well, according to Rebecca. She said he was in a good mood, but very, very distracted and unfocused. He didn't complete his drills and she had to call his name out a lot to get his attention. I thought he did ok considering I didn't hear any crying or protests, but I do understand how Nikko stands there looking up into the ceiling, off in his own world, and just *clicking* with his mouth. It can be maddening. I've been yelling his name from the kitchen to call him back to eat. I have to physically go get him. It's not fun. I wonder when his unfocused-ness is TOO MUCH...?

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