Thursday, January 27, 2011


1/26/11 - School Report - OT: Sensory motor prep activities - trampoline, big ball activities, animal walks. At table - worked on name & cutting. The harder the skill is - the more it seems Nikko sings thru my verbal instructions.

When Nikko doesn't like something on TV, he covers his ears and starts droning in a monotone to block out the audio. But he doesn't necessarily look away from the TV, either. I wonder why.

Nikko had speech today. Lisa said it was a really good session, he was happy and focused and working. She was doing sentence approximations and he was able to complete sentences with her. At one point she said something like, "We are going to see_____" and he replied, "Mom." That surprised me because he never says Mom. I'm Boppy, along with the phrase, "Good Night, Boppy." She thinks she could expand on these approximations, especially since he did two of them in context. Ok, then!

Nikko seemed to have a good day at school, and then he had ABA with Rebecca after school. I didn't hear any arguing, but I did hear Rebecca using very outgoing language. I think he tired her out a bit, actually. But her report of the session was that while he was compliant and completed whatever tasks they could get to, he was extremely unfocused. This unfocus seems to be the crux of our problems. I don't have any suggestions on how to keep him focused except to be engaging and in-your-face, touch his shoulder to get his attention and have exciting stimuli. I guess I'll have to have a discussion with Jenna about this.

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