Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Age

1/25/11 School Report: Speech - "I want puzzles please" to association puzzles he saw. Worked on greetings, I see_______.

Today I tried another variant of FIRST/THEN with Nikko. He wanted to watch the movie Ice Age 3, which we don't own but is currently playing on the DVR On Demand via Comcast. But he called it "Dinosaurs." I put it in and it was close to dinnertime. When I was ready for everyone (willing) to eat, I turned off the TV and told Nikko, "First EAT, then Ice Age." I repeated this until Audrey started chanting it. Nikko understood and ran to the kitchen to take one bite of his cheesy mac, then ran back to the living room expectantly. Needless to say, it was a lot of repeating First Eat, then Ice Age. He initially said, "then COOKIE," but I corrected him, saying "First EAT, then Ice Age." I also signed EAT just to reinforce the visual. He made it through most of his food, but Ice Age prevailed in the end.

Ronin, however, was too tired to eat at first. Eventually he ate some bread and [fake] butter while I gave Audrey a bath. He's currently sporting another temperature, consistently at 100.? all day. I really hope it will disappear so he can go to school tomorrow, but the outcome is looking somewhat bleak. I would really love for him to go to school because at home, in this sickly state, he is ultra-crabby and picking fights with Audrey every minute. I have had many parent tantrums today, too much screaming on my part that I regret. And I am battling my own cold now. In fact, I need to get off this computer and get some sleep!

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