Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gains and the missing schedule setback

1/12/11 - School report - OT: Tried swing - but didn't like it - Finally got him to say "No swing" when I wouldn't let him off. Worked on coloring, drawing faces/name printing & took cutting samples.
Bathroom: Nikko's pull-up was wet but he also went potty in the toilet. We are ok with pull-ups for now.

We went to speech today. Nikko willingly took Lisa's hand and turned to say good bye mom when she prompted him. After his session, Lisa said he had a really good one. They went to the motor room, just the two of them, and they played with bean bags pushing them down the slide. She said he vocalized a lot and it was appropriate for the situation, saying Crash when the bean bags hit the bottom. Lisa remarked that in the room, when she was doing an exercise with him, it might have mirrored something he does during ABA because he hesitated and gave her a sidelong glance as if to say, "Hey, she's making me WORK now!" Lisa thinks Nikko perceives coming to Arlington Pediatric Therapy as fun, and I would have to agree that Nikko seems to enjoy going to his speech sessions, no arguments or resistance whatsoever. And there's the promise of a lollipop at the end, too, go figure.

Nikko came back from school in a good mood, asking for cheese puffs once he got into the kitchen. He was going to work with Rebecca and I don't think he's warmed up to her just yet. I was hopeful, because after she arrived and everyone went downstairs, it was pretty quiet for an hour. I could hear Rebecca encouraging Nikko loudly. But after an hour, they both came upstairs. Rebecca told me that she could not find the yellow picture schedule anywhere in the bin, and Nikko wouldn't do any work because he follows that schedule closely. That really surprised me, one because I had just trimmed a ragged edge from that schedule two days ago, and two because Kathy just worked with him yesterday and didn't mention a missing schedule. We went downstairs and hunted for it for 5-10 minutes. I finally found that it had fallen between a low table and the projection screen. The problem was that Nikko thought he was done working for the day, and refused to let me go upstairs and leave without him crying. Still, I left with the hope that the session would resume. It didn't. He was protesting and screaming, and I could hear Rebecca say, "NO, Nikko." So I went downstairs to end the session, knowing she probably wouldn't get any more work done out of Nikko. Sadly, it was probably a wasted session overall. She and I both think he's still getting used to her and is trying figure out if she will be a pushover or will be a force to be reckoned with.

I've also decided to delay the enemas until the weekend. It doesn't make sense to me to administer then so soon after dinner and too close to bath/bed time. Maybe if dinner were at 5pm, but I need Denis' help to do this and he doesn't get home until after 7p, sometimes 7:30p. I will just do it on Saturday and Sunday morning, so I have the rest of the morning and afternoon to monitor his bowel movements. He's been through too much trauma the past few days, and I am also short on patience right now.

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