Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nikko is sick.

Nikko was sick all day today. He was lethargic and lay on the floor going in and out of consciousness (sleeping). He didn't eat. He drank some juice at first, but he would throw it up within minutes afterward. As the day progressed, he was throwing up frothy spit, then I saw the yellow traces of bile. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to get some flavorless pedialyte and I put it in a sippy with ice. Somehow he took sips of that and was able to hold it down in his tummy. But later in the day he walked to the kitchen, took a few sips of regular juice, and then promptly started throwing that up again. I stuck to the pedialyte. He went to bed but woke up around 11:30p. It was a good opportunity to try and hydrate him again so I took him into the living room and let him lay beside me while I folded laundry. He curled up in the same spot, the crook of the couch on top of some pillows. I walked him back to bed and I think he's resting again but I'll check on him before I go to sleep. He didn't go to school today and I don't think I can let him go again tomorrow since he's not fever-free as of tonight. My biggest worry in the back of my mind is that he will become constipated again, and all those enema efforts will go out the window. We'll see how tomorrow plays out.

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  1. Oh no!!!
    Get well soon, Nikko. That really, really sucks :(