Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hurt Toe

Poor Nikko. He's into closing the doors in our house, whenever he gets a chance. He was closing the bathroom door when his right 2nd toe must have got caught between the door and the doorway. He started crying in pain and I arrived to see blood welling under his toenail. It didn't gush out, just stayed underneath and turning it black. His toe didn't swell up big, but he was in obvious pain. Nikko wouldn't let me put an icepack on it for long at all, and he slunk away trying to protect his toe. I let it pass and just watched him, wondered how he'd be the next day.

Today, he was hobbling around on the side of his foot, but was in good spirits. He was able to lie on his tummy and hoist his feet up, and was able to walk by dragging his foot sideways. I tried to put his shoes on before ABA, just to test the fit, and he was NOT happy about it. This worried me because he was destined to go to school today. I warned Kathy about his foot and she told me later that he wasn't affected by it during his drills. When it came time for socks and shoes for school, Nikko was so not thrilled. I lured him into his shoes with the promise of school and his backpack and his teachers. Outside while waiting for the bus, he dragged his foot around like Quasimoto. The school report said that he didn't fuss or cry about the foot but walked gingerly and slowly. I saw that here at home, too. He's still able to motor around on it, even step on it at times, and also jump a little. But I hope it gets much better by tomorrow, and the day after.

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