Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today I took Nikko to his gastro appointment. It was about a month ago that we last saw Dr. Nelson. I didn't expect much, and honestly, not much happened. Nikko ate lots and lots of lollipops today. When we got to see the Dr., she asked how his poops have been and I told her how we never hit that level of solid formed poops, 1-2x day. She said that she would like for Nikko to have an x-ray so she can check for blockages or anything else, and THEN we will move on from there. Or as she had put it, and I don't quite remember her exact words but were to the effect of: "...and we'll see about what medications to use, and go from there." A little alarm went off in my head because I have heard from other ASD moms dealing with the gastro problems in their kids that many gastros push meds, which serve as a band aid, instead of helping to solve the problem. I don't really want Nikko to be on gastro meds right now. Sure, I want to find out what is causing him to constipate so quickly, and why can't his erratic diet support all that healthy eating that's supposed to contribute to healthy bowel movements? I think I have to compile a solid list of questions and have it handy for the gastro when she calls back in the next day or two. Oh yeah, so after our appointment, since my parents were watching the younger two, I decided to take Nikko straight to North Shore Hospital in Glenview for an x-ray. The process from registration to waiting to getting the x-ray took an hour. When we got to the exam table, I told the thin (Filipino?) rad tech that Nikko had autism and wasn't verbal, and he'd put up a fight so I'd have to restrain him, and would probably need help. When Nikko first laid on the table with lollipop in hand, he looked up at the square lights and perhaps thought it was a TV. For three seconds I thought we would be ok. Then Nikko started squirming, then squealing, then crying and yelling and wriggling. I held his arms and torso still while the tech held his legs and hips, which was probably harder to do. Somehow, they got a picture, even with Nikko bolting up at least once and losing his shoe. When we were all done, Nikko was pretty pissed off and breathless. I thanked the tech and escorted Nikko out. What was kind of priceless was the look on another boy and his mom who were waiting a few feet away, the boy wearing a smock and who was originally excited about his x-ray. I think we rattled them slightly, but I couldn't stick around to see. I whisked Nikko down corridors into the lobby and let him cool off while getting his coat on. Poor guy had the blood drawn Saturday, then restrained so we could look at his bleeding toe, and then today with the x-ray. I think I'm done with hospitals for a bit.

Nikko and I went on a quick grocery trip before heading home. The rest of the night was calm, thank goodness. Tomorrow he has speech with Kathy, and then while the boys are in school I plan to visit the NSSEO to check out a PECS DVD.

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