Thursday, January 6, 2011

Orange cheese puffs?

1/7/11 School Report - Speech: Off today. Not too interested in activities. Did enjoy greetings. Tried where ?'s and fishing game.

This is disappointing to hear, in light of the fact that Nikko had a good ABA session with Sarah just that morning. When Sarah arrived, I told her how Rebecca's session didn't go well despite having a good day at school. Today everything was flip-flopped! Sarah said Nikko did good work, and when he got distracted by the slide and the bball hoop she piled everything up (like what Rebecca did) so he couldn't climb on stuff. I didn't hear any shrieking or complaining today, either. I wonder why he was turned off in school. I hope he's accomplishing things as of late, but we've only been back to school for four days now. Ah, the worry.

Nikko's foot still hurts, but his limp is improving. It doesn't look great, however. The tip of the toe and under/surrounding the nail bed are black, bruised. I wonder when that nail will come off.

On another note, Nikko's really been pushing me regarding wanting things, especially food that he can't always have, like cheese puffs. I am wondering, don't think I'm too nuts here, if there is a difference in the orange cheese puffs vs. the yellow organic cheese puffs I get for him? He's been defiant toward me during the times he's eating the orange ones, but I don't get this resistance when he's eating the yellow ones. I wonder if the food thing has any merit. The last time I doubted a food was when it was organic vs. regular mac cheese. He's eating fish sticks but nothing else unusual (chocolate pop tarts, no biggie). Maybe I should just phase those orange ones out... I only got them because Audrey made such a stink about them in the store. Figures.

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