Monday, January 17, 2011

Pinata, and finally adminstering "it"

I'm behind on posts.

1/14 - Nikko had a good session on Friday with Karen. No fighting or resistance. She even maintained using the therapeutic listening CDs with him, and apparently he's putting on headphones with no problem. One thing I got out of our post-session wrap up is that Karen suggested minimizing the number of hours of TV he watches in a week. This is to reduce the ambient noise around him. Apparently, Nikko doesn't multi-task well and may have trouble filtering out which sounds are the most important ones he should be listening to. This in turn might speed up his response time pertaining to processing words.

School report: Speech - yesterday - good categorization and labeling common food, animals, clothes. Greetings, yes/no. Today - I see _____, yes/no, singing songs.

On Saturday we took the kids to our group's after holidays Holiday Party. It was at a big house in Streamwood. We have been there before, despite Ronin & Audrey's initial resistance to leaving my side upon arrival. Nikko, however, took off his shoes and socks and took off running. He didn't seem to mind all the roughhousing boys around him or the noises from laughing adults in the kitchen. He loved going up and down the carpeted staircase, running down a hallway and descending the staircase leading to the back of the kitchen. At one point I even saw him running in the horde, giving little shoves to the backs of some of the boys, then smiling and running away in a mock game of chase. It was only during the pinata moment that I held Nikko back. They were using a real wooden baseball bat and I didn't want Nikko to step in unexpectedly. We got home a little after midnight from all the cavorting around. This made me think the kids would be ultra-tired the next day. Not a chance. Today, everyone was running full steam ahead. Nikko fell asleep for an hour in the early evening, unfortunately. This affected his sleep patterns and so he lay awake from 9p-12p, talking, giggling and singing to himself in his room. At least he didn't try to bolt. But he was in the dark except for a small night light. One little nap can wreak havoc just hours later.

I can't believe I forgot to mention that on Saturday morning and Sunday late afternoon, we administered the enemas on Nikko. We put a towel down in Ronin's room, gave Nikko lollipops, and lay him on his side to administer the formula. Nikko was terrible upset, uncomfortable, angry and crying. We waited for a minute or two, then walked him to the bathroom to sit on the toilet until he expelled whatever was in his bowels. We did it, he survived, so did I. :)

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